Show Yourself Some Love

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.” —Rupi Kaur

It’s February, and love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day, however, you don’t need to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate; instead, take some time to really show yourself some love. You deserve it!


We put a lot of time and effort into picking the right romantic partner, but there’s something we don’t talk about nearly as often: the only person you will spend every moment with for the rest of your days, is you. So shouldn’t you have a good relationship with yourself as well? 

When someone treats you well, with care and respect, it makes you feel valued and positive. That can come from inside as well! Self love is showing yourself kindness and doing things that nourish your mind and body, allowing you to grow as a person and do so with happiness and confidence.

Not only can self love increase your daily satisfaction and overall happiness, but it can impact your health and physical well being as well! Striving for “perfect” and being hard on yourself has been linked to adverse health effects like heart disease, depression, and overall shorter lifespans; learning to let go, accepting yourself for all that you are, and loving yourself not only helps you “chill” but it may also help you ultimately reach your goals even better, because you can learn what strategies work best for and adjust your goals accordingly!


Are you looking for something spectacular to do for a certain special someone (who you see looking back at you in the mirror)? The possibilities are endless, and sometimes a “self date” can be even more fun than one spent with a partner, because you can do exactly what you like to do!

Almost anything you would do on a traditional date can be done on a self date: even the most classic date idea (dinner, movie, and romantic night in) can be adjusted if you’d rather go solo this Valentine season. Although it might seem a little strange to eat out alone, I promise, no one else at the restaurant will give it a second thought. Pick out your favorite restaurant or a new place you’ve been dying to try, head over with a book or a podcast (or, for the more experienced solo diner, nothing but your wallet and your thoughts), and order yourself a three course meal! You might find you like your own company, and it can be peaceful to get some special “you” time. Go on to see that new movie you’ve been waiting for and when you get home, well, we’ve written extensively about how to have some adult fun by yourself

This is just a classic example of what a date full of self love can look like! In reality, the beauty of a “self date” is that you know yourself better than anyone, so you can do exactly what you love to do! If you’re stumped on how to get started, here are some simple yet effective suggestions that might ease you into it: 

  • Go for a walk in a park you don’t usually visit
  • Get a ticket to an art museum and spend the day taking it all in (there’s very little chatting in art museums anyway!)
  • Walk around your city and try to spot ten things you hadn’t noticed before
  • Order in appetizers from your favorite restaurants and compare like a judge on a cooking network show
  • Set some mood lighting, run a bath, and drink your favorite wine
  • Have a movie marathon of your favorite childhood classics

And once you get started, you might enjoy setting aside a night to make yourself feel special and loved, all on your own. 


Okay, so far we’ve given you some ideas for “special” nights, but really, self love is an everyday task. Although we suggest doing something special for yourself semi-regularly - because you really do deserve it - there are also some simple things you can incorporate into your regular routine to show yourself some love and build that relationship you have with yourself. 

  • Meditate daily: Spend some time, even 10-15 minutes, setting your intentions for the day and hyping yourself up for all you can accomplish. Mantras and self praise may feel cheesy or foreign at first, but just reminding yourself of your positive traits can really change your whole outlook. 
  • Invest in a hobby that makes you happy: If you’ve been too afraid to join the rock climbing gym because you don’t want to go alone, or you’re self conscious about your affinity for stamp collecting - now is your time to embrace your passion! Not only will you find yourself looking forward to the next time you get to do your favorite thing, but you may also find yourself drawing more like minded people into your life. 
  • Create a self care routine that makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated: If you treat your body like a temple (whatever temple you decide it should be), your mood will improve along with your outer shell. After all, acts of service is a very common love language, and it’s one that you should be speaking to yourself!

So, this season, set aside some time to reinvest in the relationship you have with yourself, because when you build that inner fortitude and loving inner relationship, you’re going to know you always have someone worthwhile to spend your days with; treat your first and last best friend (that’s you!) with the love and respect she deserves!

The Rejucream team wants to be here to support you on your journey to self love and acceptance, and we believe a big part of building that relationship starts with the way you treat your body. REJUVENATE is formulated with you in mind, to ensure your comfort and health before all else, with the best ingredients and the gentlest touch. 

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