When both our minds and our bodies are properly cared for, we’re just capable of more. It becomes easier to put our best selves forward, to emit positive energy, to positively impact our surroundings.

This is why REJUCREAM was founded. We want to see women everywhere take proper care of their bodies and minds.

Your intimate area is the most sacred part of your body. It deserves special care and attention like nowhere else does, and it all begins with your Vulva!


Having worked in the beauty industry for 20+ years, I listened to insights, thoughts and knowledge that the women in my life shared with me. I began to understand that women often suffered when they were feeling physically and emotionally disconnected from their most intimate area.  

When a woman feels good about herself, she evokes an energy that transcends into her surroundings, filling her life with positivity and radiance. This notion of self-care is where the idea for REJUCREAM began.

I surrounded myself with a team of women who were experts in their respective fields, from product development, packaging design and business leadership, and together we concepted REJUCREAM as it stands today. It is because of these women that we are able to bring you a product that is at the forefront of intimate care.
We all truly believe that a woman's intimate area is the most sacred part of her body and it deserves the same attention that is given to her face.

Ludovic Audesson, Founder