The Clitoris and Orgasms: Discover Your Pleasure Center.

Looking under the hood!

Shedding some light on something which deserves a standing ovation, this week we are taking a look at the female pleasure center… the Clitoris!

Besides being shrouded by the clitoral hood, it has also been shrouded in mystery for many years, appearing and disappearing throughout medical history, just to be claimed to be discovered over and over again…by you guessed it…a man! Although two individual Italian’s claimed separate stakes to have discovered it in the 1550’s,  scientists didn’t determine the anatomy of the clitoris till 2009, when a full 3D diagram was created. With that in mind, buckle up to learn a little more about that little power house!

Where it all starts….

We all start out as fetus templates, with no noticeable sex assigned till week 7 when the X or Y chromosome becomes a factor. So, the clitoris and penis start out the same in utero.


When considering the female anatomy, massive emphasis is placed on vagina’s and vulva’s but the clitoris, the epicenter of female pleasure, barely gets a mention.

What it is…

The clitoris is just a cluster of nerves nestled above the vaginal opening, that looks like a little button or nub that some describe looking like an eraser at the end of a pencil…but looks can be deceiving…

your clitoris and orgasms. discover your pleasure center

Here are some really amazing clitoral facts that will make you fall in love with yourself all over again!


Pleasure is it’s only function!

Most organs of the human anatomy have a function that determines our survival, like the heart and lungs which provide blood and oxygen to the rest of our body. The penis has a dual function of expelling urine and being a reproductive organ. The clitoris has only one job – that is to be the center of female pleasure!

Small but mighty!

Who has more fun during sex? Well Lads, sorry to disappoint…while the penis has a considerable number of 4000 nerve endings, the clitoris contains a whopping 7000-8000 nerve endings packed into a tiny little nub! More endings mean more messages of pleasure.

Responsible for more O’s!

With only 25% of us being able to actually achieve a climax from vaginal stimulation, 75% of us enjoy orgasms owing to our clitoris. 

Just the tip of the iceberg… all you can see, and just like every vagina and vulva, every clitoris is also different, ranging from a ¾ of an inch to 1 inch in size, of what you can see outside your body. The clitoris actually extends 3 to 4 inches into your body.

Turning it up…

and talking about turning it on…the clitoris too can become erect when aroused, and can last for several hours till a climax is reached. The clitoris can swell from 50-300% when engorged.

Gets better with age!

Yes, the clitoris keeps growing as you get older. And, technically, does not age and has the same functionality whether you’re in your twenties or pushing 80! In fact… paying attention to your clitoris now may even help you get there - to your 80s, that is!

Sex, Orgasms, and Sexual Contentment are all contributory factors for a human’s wellness. Orgasms are very personal and even spiritual, and the feeling differs from person to person. From what makes you orgasm to the intensity of your orgasm, Orgasms can vary based on factors like your emotions at the time, the setting, your prior experiences, your partner, and well…how you are wired! 

As individuals, we all have vastly different and complex preferences that take us to our respective peaks of ecstasy. There is nor rhyme, reason, or universal rule that governs an orgasm.

According to a study, 90 percent of people with a penis regularly orgasm during sex, as opposed to only 50 percent of people with a clitoris.  

Trouble reaching an Orgasm? Here are some tips:

Here are some helpful factors to undress that increases the likelihood of an orgasm:

Get Oral about it: Ladies, if you receive more oral sex, statistically you are more likely to reach and orgasm. So, partners, please take note to go down and stay down (at least for a while), and intimately acquaint yourself with the clitoris. Also - get comfortable asking for what you want!

It’s a slow climb: While yes, the occasional quickie can be exhilarating, both men and women confirmed they were more likely to orgasm if the sex lasts for more than 15 minutes. Women in fact prefer 30 minutes or more. So don’t faux pas on the foreplay!

If you're happy then you know it…: Women tend to orgasm more when they are in a loving and happy relationship. So relationship satisfaction is a key factor, but it’s unclear still if a healthy sex life promotes a happy relationship or vice-versa, but let’s invest some time in finding out – In the name of science of course!

Try it yourself: Once you know what helps you orgasm, it’s easier for you to help your partner get you there. So don’t be shy, show yourself some love too!

There is no gold standard when it comes to an orgasm, but there are a few to-do’s that can help…

  • Break out the Kama sutra and get into those new positions, or try role play and fantasy
  • Communicate and ask for what you want, and get to know what your partner wants as well
  • Show expressions of love and introduce some toys
  • Bring out the lingerie and/or Sext
  • Factor in the foreplay and seriously mix it up

While the clitoris is accountable for 75 percent of an orgasm success rate, the truth is that only pressing against your love button is not the be-all-end-all, there are many factors that need to come into play.  

These are some pretty BIG reasons to take care of your clitoris!

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