Finding Time For Yourself: Why it is Important to Prioritize 'Me Time'.

With the holiday season upon us, this is a question many of us are asking ourselves! Preparing meals, hosting family, organizing gifts, and planning for a new year - these are tasks that often fall to women, and although it is a lovely time of year, it can become exhausting!

When you’re feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, it’s important to step back and take some time to pamper yourself. Valuing and taking care of yourself not only helps you feel replenished, but it also rejuvenates you so you can be the best you can be - you deserve it!

Below are some suggestions of when to take your time and what you can do to show yourself some love; ultimately, it’s about what works for you and what makes you feel good. 


As the saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” - and the saying applies to women as well!

Waking up early, a la celebrities and moms everywhere, can help you get a head start on the day; allowing you to get some easy time for yourself as the rest of the family snoozes. 

Some ideas of how to show yourself some love early in the morning:

  • Go for a jog around the neighborhood. The fresh morning air will leave you invigorated, and getting your blood pumping so early will make you feel ready to face anything the rest of the day will bring. 
  • Make yourself a nice breakfast. Not just toast on your way out the door (unless that’s what makes you feel pampered - you do you!) Spend some time making something nutritious and delicious. It’s the most important meal of the day, after all! 
  • Watch the sunrise. Grab your blanket and a cup of coffee and watch the day start. Taking some time to be still and absorb the beauty of the day can do wonders for your own emotional being. 


It may not be the most important meal of the day, but for many working women, this can feel like the first break of the day. Use it to your full advantage!

Taking some time for yourself in the middle of the day is a great way to break the day’s schedule up and to remind yourself you’re doing this day for you. Take that hour (or more if you can!) and make it your own. You can:

  • Go for a walk. Especially if you work an office job or something from home, it can actually be a little tough on the body to stay seated all day. Our bodies weren’t made for that! Whether it’s around the block or a longer lap around the park, get your body moving and remind yourself there’s a whole world outside of your office! 
  • Order out. If you can, of course. Although it shouldn’t be your “go-to” (unless you really budget for it!) sometimes it can be nice to forgo the PB&J from home and treat yourself to lunch at your favorite restaurant. You deserve nice things. 
  • Listen to an episode of your favorite podcast. It’s nice to lose yourself in a story, either expanding a topic you’re interested in, catching up on the news, or using some guided meditation for self-love. 


Welcome home! Whether you’re closing out the work day, preparing for the kids to come home from school, or just looking forward to dinner, there are some things you can do to take some conscious time for yourself. 

This is typically when the day is “winding down” so it can feel like the last opportunity to “push yourself” to be productive; if that leaves you feeling inspired, great! But you also have permission to go slowly and take that time for you. 

If the afternoon hours are the only time you can get away, you can:

  • Go to the gym. This is especially easy if you’re coming home from work; while you’re already out, bring your gym bag with you and hit the gym right after work, before you get home. Even a 30 minute easy workout can be an opportunity to check in with your body and mind, just you and the anonymous gymrats around you. 
  • Take a nap. Who said they were just for kids? Some people like to have a little midday recharge, and it can leave you feeling luxurious and refreshed before the evening activities. 


The sun is going down and the day is coming to an end. While this should be relaxing all the way through, sometimes there are pressures, especially for women, to orchestrate the entire evening for their loved ones. Although rewarding, this can be tiring! 

While the kids are doing their homework, or your partner is organizing their projects for the following day, or your roommate is on the phone with their parents, you can take this time for yourself and make it your own. 

Some options:

  • Make a dish you’ve been craving. Let’s be real, if you have to make dinner for your family, it can be easy to see this as a chore, but cooking is actually an act of love, not just for your family, but also for yourself! If you can find the relaxing side to it, not only can this be an outlet for your creativity, you can also ensure that you’ll be eating exactly what you want tonight. 
  • Pick the show for the evening’s entertainment. Everyone knows to let mom have her time to watch The Bachelor undisturbed. You can ask for help and respect if watching a show in the evening is what makes you feel relaxed and pampered; don’t feel bad for wanting just an hour of the evening for yourself!


The day is over. Have you still not had some time to yourself? 

Fear not, because late night can be the most relaxing and rewarding time for self-care. Once your worries of the day are all squared away, you can finally take that time for yourself to make sure your heart, mind, and body are all nourished before bed. 

Some ideas for how you could spend your time pampering yourself:

  • Read a book. Research shows that putting the screens away before bed can improve sleep and mood, so setting aside some time to read your latest book in bed can be a nice way to wind down and feed your imagination (and take it easy on your eyes). 
  • Have some sexy time - even if it’s just you! Show yourself some love to take pressures from the day off your shoulders, especially if this is your first opportunity in the day to have some time for yourself. This can be a nice way to boost your mood and treat yourself. 
  • Take a hot shower or a relaxing bath. Not only can this be a luxurious way to “turn off” for the night, by taking care of your body and keeping yourself clean, you’re giving yourself the ultimate gift of self love. Do a face mask, some deep conditioning on your hair, and use some specially formulated soaps and lotions for all parts of your body - like Rejucream - to make sure you’re being clean and comfy. 

No matter what works with your schedule and what you do that makes you feel valued and seen, it’s important to take time for yourself each day to feed your body and soul. To take care of your inside, after all, you have to take care of your outside. 

Using a moisturizing, protective, revitalizing cream like REJUVENATE is an easy way to show yourself some self-love. Just a pea-sized amount of cream brings with it hydration, protection, plumping and tightening effect to the vulva and pubic skin. This keeps you feeling fresh, safe, clean, and valued. By incorporating Rejuvenate into your self-care routine during your “Me Time,” you are putting yourself first and reminding yourself of the love and comfort you deserve. 

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