15 Common Vaginal Myths Demystified

We are trying our hand at myth-busting today! Here are some facts that we have collated that just might surprise you. 

We have all heard our own share of urban legends, so read on as we debunk some beliefs in this light read!

breaking down 15 common myths about your vagina intimate area

  1. A Tampon can get lost inside your body: Physically this is not possible. What actually happens is that a tampon left to its devices for too long can travel up along the vaginal canal – and the string cannot be reached any longer – causing a feeling of panic. Well, if it is forgotten long enough, a really bad smell will emanate and you will need to seek the help of a health professional to dislodge it!
  2. You can get drunk using an alcohol-soaked tampon: Well, apart from the obvious urge to experiment, and the burn and possibility of disrupting your vaginal flora – alcohol-soaked tampons are not potent enough to get you drunk. For one, a tampon can only hold up to 30 millilitres of alcohol, and the fact that a fully soaked tampon is hard to insert, a tampon is not likely to hold enough alcohol to intoxicate you! Not worth the effort (or the burn)!
  3. Intrauterine devices (IUDs) cause infertility: This would be the case back in the 1970s, but with product development and non-hormonal IUD’s available, you are likely to get pregnant as soon as you remove the device. Much like your birth control pill! Read our blog on how your birth control can affect your vagina.
  4. The G spot is key to a good orgasm: Grafenberg’s G spot is in fact a misreading. There is no structure or discernable gland that exists apart from the clitoris, and orgasm is dependent largely on individual preference when it comes to sex, so the G-Spot is not the only way.
  5. Your vagina will get loose if you have a lot of sex: Well, while this may be a topic commonly joked about (and used to shame women for sexual activity) there is no truth in it. A vagina is highly elastic and accommodating, meaning it can stretch quite a lot without becoming permanently “stretched.” Vaginal birth can perhaps make the vagina feel laxer, although there are always Kegels to the rescue.
  6. Jade eggs improve sexual satisfaction: While this seemed to be a cult favourite of ancient Chinese concubines, there is no specific benefit of these ‘kegel’ weights being Jade. Jade is semi-porous, which means bacteria can get in and stay in the egg. If you are after ways to strengthen your pelvic floor, look for modern silicone options or just plain old Kegels’ will do the trick.
  7. Steaming cleanses your uterus: Well, “Vagicals” have gained popularity sadly, there is very little that holds true in this instance. Apart from running the risk of getting your tenders burnt to remove non-existent “toxins” you could be upsetting your ecosystem with the introduction of oxygen down there.
  8. Hair removal keeps things cleaner: The exact opposite is true of this myth; hair removal could increase the risk of contracting an STI. However, should you choose to remove your pubic hair, here is how to do it safely.
  9. You should be worried about your vaginal pH: Your microbiome system will naturally maintain the ideal pH down there, and you would only need to be concerned about what you use to keep your vulva and vagina healthy. Read our blog on maintaining vaginal pH.
  10. You can cure a yeast infection with garlic or yoghurt: A yeast infection is the overgrowth of the Candida fungus, which occurs naturally in the vagina. While yoghurt and garlic may help manage the infection, it has not been proven to fight the fungus.
  11. Your Vagina naturally smells bad: While vaginal odor is normal, a bad smell is not. There are distinct smells and reasons a vaginal can smell: read our blog and learn more.
  12. Your Vagina looks the same your whole life: Like the rest of your body, the vagina and vulva will change in appearance and functionality. The vagina grows just like the rest of you, especially during and after pregnancy. Read our blog to learn how your vulva can change over time.
  13. Weight gain is inevitable when you go through menopause: Women experience menopause differently, and while some may experience changes to their body, many may not. It all boils down to your routine and habits.
  14. STI always have symptoms if you look closely: This is quite possibly the biggest myth of all time. There are several STD that lay dormant for years and are detectable only by a test. Human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, and herpes (to name a few) are common culprits, so please do your routine STD testing.
  15. Specialized products are essential for vaginal health: While your vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it can benefit from a little TLC now and then. Generic body soaps and washes are quite harsh on the vulva, so yes, specialized products are the safest for your intimate area.

Your vaginal area is the most intimate part of your body and, as such, it deserves special care and attention. REJUCREAM products have been developed and clinically-tested in Switzerland using some of the most effective skincare ingredients available. REJUCREAM products hydrate, moisturize, nourish, protect, soothe, calm, plump and tighten the vulva skin.  All ingredients are carefully selected for their natural origins and their high tolerance, while all our formulas are developed to be in line with the intimate area pH balance according to gynecological recommendations.

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