Rejuvenate by REJUCREAM daily intimate skin care product for vulva and vaginal dryness trial size
Rejuvenate by REJUCREAM daily intimate skin care product for vulva vaginal dryness trial size

REJUVENATE - FREE Trial Size Daily Vulva Moisturizer

This Rejuvenate tube will last you 5 to 7 days and it’s absolutely FREE; you only pay $5.00 for regular ground shipping!

Use REJUVENATE Intimate Revitalizing Cream every day to nourish and protect your most intimate area.

From menopause, to birth control, waxing, shaving and pregnancy, everyday life can impact your intimate area!  Your vulva may become drier and lose elasticity, causing pain, irritation and discomfort.

Key benefits include:

-Hydrate and Moisturize the vulva, relieving you of any dryness.
-Soothe & Comfort from any irritation and itching caused by shaving, waxing, or even rubbing against clothing!
-Smooths your vulva to leave skin feeling soft, while protecting it by giving the vulva a second layer of defense.
-Plumps and tightens to help with the loss of elasticity that women may begin to experience over time!


PLEASE NOTE: This Trial Size is intended to test the product - it can only be added to the cart once & can only be ordered one time per customer! Limited to USA residents.

If you have extremely sensitive and allergic skin, it’s always recommended to do a patch test for compatibility prior to using any new products.


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Our products are paraben-free, silicon-free, fragrance-free, estrogen-free, hormone-free and cruelty-free. Rejucream products are manufactured in Switzerland in a leading cosmetics laboratory, where they are clinically tested.

(1)Rejucream clinical trial data: tested under gynecologic and dermatologic supervision


Take a pea-sized amount of cream and warm it by rubbing it between your fingertips for a few seconds. Then, gently rub the non-greasy formula over the exterior of your vulva until the cream is thoroughly absorbed, taking care to apply the cream evenly. For the best results, apply REJUVENATE Intimate Revitalizing Cream in both the morning and evening, as part of your normal skincare routine.