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Dr. Christian Jamin

Obstetrician-Gynecologist & Endocrinologist
Paris, France

Josiane Lederman, MD

Dermatologist- General & Cosmetic,
Staten Island, NY

Anita Dormer, MD

Medical Aesthetics & Regenerative Medicine Specialist
New York City

Oz Garcia

Nutritionist - Age Reversal and Healthy Aging Expert
New York City

Angelica M. Hernandez, MD

Lexington Medical/ Smooth Synergy Medical Spa
New York City

Jaime L. Sepulveda, MD

Board Certified Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgeon, Urogynecologist and Cosmetic Gynecology
Miami Urogynecology
South Miami, FL

Sana K

Esthetician & Waxing Specialist
REJUCREAM Ambassador
Paris, France

Michael Baker

Personal Trainer & Coach
New York City

Nathalie Quedru, Le Panache Loft

Beauty Expert & Salon · Massage · Hair Extensions Brooklyn, NY