The Beauty of Your Labia

Vaginas, or specifically Vulvas, are a beautiful and delicate of your body, and each is different from one woman to the next.

Like flowers whose beauty comes in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and scents, each vulva is precious in its uniqueness. 

Today we celebrate your Vulva and Labia! Before forging ahead, it’s good to remember there is no such thing as “normal”. When talking of vaginal appearance, what everyone is actually referring to are the Labia or ‘Vaginal Lips.’

There are two sets of them:

  •       The fleshy plump outer lips – Labia Majora
  •       Inner lips leading to vaginal opening – Labia Minora

Together they combine to form your vulva.

The beauty of your labia

Variations in Labias:

As your Vulva is special, it is rather difficult to categorize a particular “type.” However, in the name of REJUCATION (pun intended) – we will try to set out a few general categories, and before you pull out a mirror to check, here is our disclaimer - There are always hybrids!

Asymmetrical (Inner lips or Labia Minora) – If one of the inner lips are longer or thicker than the other, it’s considered asymmetrical – which is very common.

Curved Labia Majora (Outer Lips) – Outer lips that look like a horseshoe that meets evenly at the end, living the inner lips exposed, which may or may not protrude below the outer lips.

Pronounced Inner Lips Where the inner lips are longer and more pronounced than the outer lips, which can be subtle or just barely peeking out, or in full bloom.

Prominent Labia Majora Outer lips that sit much lower than the inner lips. The outer lips can be thick and cushiony or a bit loose and thin or in-between.

Long, dangling inner Lips Like pronounced inner lips, but much longer where the labia minora can reach up to an inch or more! (There may be extra skin, additional folds and can even peek outside your underwear at times!)

Long, dangling outer Lips quite like a Prominent Labia Majora but on a more grand- scale! The folds can sometimes peek through your underwear too.

Small yet open Labia Majora Where the outer lips are flat and rest against the pubic bone separating to expose the labia minora.

Small Closed outer Lips - where the labia majora conceal and contain the inner lips completely.

Visible Inner Lips where the Majora and Minora are the same size, and the labia delicately peek through, they can be visible from top to bottom as they naturally sit pulled toward either side.

Understanding Your Vulva:

Healthy Labia and Vulva come in many beautiful shapes and sizes…but remember the rule of thumb, if there is unusual sensitivity, pain, or discomfort, you need to see your doctor! If you experience burning or itching, bumps, unusual discharge and odor, or encounter pain when walking or sitting, you may be experiencing “Labial Hypertropy” - the medical term for an enlarged labia.

According to Healthline, unless it is causing discomfort to your daily existence, it is not a problem that requires treatment and is not usually harmful to your overall health. However, if the above symptoms are encountered, or there is pain from twisting, tugging while riding a bike or during intercourse for instance, “Labioplasty” could be recommended.

Labioplasty is a surgery to remove excess labial tissue, for size reduction or reshaping, usually of the labia minora.  This procedure can be done either under local anesthesia, oral sedation or general anesthesia. Risks? Those that come along with most surgical procedures can be anticipated. Recovery will see you take a week off work for sure, 4-6 weeks later you can resume sexual intercourse, and using tampons as most swelling is gone past 6 weeks. A complete recovery can be anticipated in 6 months. 

Taking Care of Your Vulva:

Whether concealed, delicately peeking through or proudly blossoming, your labia is unique and beautiful to behold. Keeping our delicate petals healthy should be foremost with a good self-care routine. 

An always welcome addition is a moisturizer that soothes your vulva to leave your skin feeling soft, nourished, plump, and tight! Rejuvenate by Rejucream provides that second layer of defense against irritation and discomfort, however, the combination of Peptides and Tripeptides found within our Rejuvenate Daily Vulva Moisturizer can help alleviate the loss of elasticity that women may begin to experience over time.

Rejuvenate is everything you need in one product and is easily added into your current daily skincare routine. Before you know it, you’ll see the impact that vulva and labia care can have on both your emotional and physical well-being. 

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