Are you wearing the correct size bra?

Shoulder straps falling down? Experiencing chafing or discomfort? Perhaps your bra bands are cutting in too deep? A study found that up to 80% of women wear the wrong size bra!

Have you ever been fitted for a bra?

Chances are, you’ve either gotten “fitted” for a bra, or you know someone who has. 

Essentially, a salesperson will approach you with a tape measure, and then take two measurements: one around your rib cage, right under your breast (this is for the band size) and one at the fullest part of your breast (for the cup). 

Then, they’ll proclaim your True Size (recommending the brand of bras from where you got fitted) and off you’ll go with your new bra. 

The Importance of a Good Bra 

If you’ve had a bad bra, you’ll definitely know. There is nothing quite as uncomfortable as having a bra that just doesn’t fit right. But there’s a wide expanse of options, from outright “bad” bras, to those that get the job done, and a truly good bra!

An ill-fitting bra can cause a myriad of issues; most obviously is discomfort and pain from constriction and poor support, in your neck, back, shoulders, ribs, and breast tissue itself. Poor posture and further back issues can occur. 

Your mental health can also take a hit if you’re wearing an ill-fitting bra! If you feel uncomfortable and notice your clothes aren’t fitting quite right, it can manifest in self consciousness. 

What to Look For

Don’t rely on sizes, as they can vary from brand to brand. Instead, measure yourself at home and know your measurements - an inch is an inch anywhere, right?

Here are the things experts say to look for when trying on bras: 

  • Underwire underneath/behind the breast, not digging into the breast or lifting off of it
  • Enough room in the cup, so breast tissue isn’t spilling over the top or leaving extra space
  • A band that fits somewhat snuggly around the chest without riding up in the back

You should also focus on support and comfort when trying on a bra, noticing what styles and materials you personally prefer. It’s good to have a couple of good soldiers in the rotation!

Build Your Cache of Bras

It’s suggested that a woman has eleven total bras in the mix, including underwire bras, sports bras, and bralettes. 

It’s a good idea to have bras for every occasion, that really work with your wardrobe and that make you feel comfortable and beautiful. 

Bras and Aging

We change so many things about ourselves throughout the various stages of our life. Skincare dependent on whether we are experiencing acne or we start to see those perfectly natural fine lines. Outfits that compliment our shape or needs, from work to the gym. So why don’t we change our bras (or at least check if we need a new size!). 

Whether you are in puberty or menopause, pregnancy or just lost/gained weight, our breast change and so do our bra sizes! That’s why it is important to get re-fitted every few years. Your breasts will thank you!

And remember…wash your bras

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