Your Vulva Over Time- The Changes You May Experience

Most of us grow up with our mothers teaching us the importance of taking care of our skin.  More particularly, our face. Everything from removing makeup to let the skin breathe, to how a hydrating cream can help restore moisture to our face after we have scrubbed it clean.   

Still, with all this emphasis we are taught over a lifetime to care for our face, somehow our mothers never discussed intimate care with us, or the many common changes our vulva experiences over time. 

Rejuvenate Intimare Vulva Moisturizer. How your vulva changes over time.


Our Vulva Ages?

YES!  And just like our face, the skin thins and loses its elasticity…. This affects the functionality of the vulva; for example, leading to leakage and discomfort.

In a recent article by Woman and Home, “Our vagina is ageing: a timeline of changes down there, from your 30’s to your 60’s.”  They outline the changes that most women will go through with both their vulva and vagina, as they age through each decade. 

Some key points affecting these changes:

  • Hormone changes created by birth control
  • Childirth
  • Menopause

Signs of Change

For the most part there are no dramatic changes in the vulva or the vagina until mid to late 30’s, or until you head into perimenopause  Still, it is good to prepare and take care of it, which may help prevent the following indications of changes to the vulva:

  • Thinning of the skin around the vulva
  • Thinning of the hair around the vulva
  • Vulva Dryness
  • Flattening of the vulva

What Can We Do To Help Prevent these Changes?

Huffpost’s article, 6 Ways Your Vagina Changes As You Age, continues the conversation of the aging process of the vulva and the vagina. It also discusses some of the best ways that you can prevent the changes that are caused through aging.

Some of their top tips for prevention are:

  • Use creams for both the vulva and the vagina regularly to help with lubrication and moisturizing. The combination of internal lubrication and external moisture restoration can have positive impacts.
  • Contining to have sex through each decade of your life, as it helps with elasticity and moiturizing.
  • Talk about your individual conditions with your health professional and your partner.

Can Rejuvenate Help?

Rejuvenate’s paraben, estrogen and oil-free formula, along with our plant-stem cell based formulation, provides the vulva with a great additional layer of protection, but also a means of retaining moisture that is lost over time. It has also been proven to plump and tighten the vulva, which can increase sexual pleasure and add to day-to-day comfort. 

We all know that the aging process is impossible to stop; however, when we show care for our most intimate body part, get in touch with ourselves and understand the changes we may begin to experience. Just remember, you are not alone in this journey and everything you may feel, another woman is feeling too!

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