The Importance of Establishing an Intimate Care Routine

Us humans are creatures of habit, and so routines work well for most of us; once in place, we can go through the motions. If there are any fellow night owls out there, you will understand the importance of a morning routine which you can get through in your half-sleep like trance. It becomes second nature.

The Importance of Practicing Good Hygiene at an Early Age:

A healthy routine will influence the quality of your life. When it comes to caring for your vagina or vulva, it’s best to get the routine instilled as young as possible. After all, we teach them to brush their teeth and clean their ears, so why not genitals? Granted, at a young age the most critical factor would be cleanliness.

Fueling Your Body:

If our entire body survives off the nutrients we put in it, then we possibly can eat to enhance our V health? Yes, it has been established that what we eat and drink does affect our Vagina. So look to incorporate the following in your diet for optimal V health:

  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Omega-6 fatty acids
  • Protein
  • Probiotics

Cleaning for comfort: 

While the vagina is pretty much self-cleaning, we still need to clean our vulvas.

  • In the shower: Our vulva needs to be cleansed much like the rest of our skin, albeit more gently. Think fragrance free washes designed especially for this or natural soap, warm water, your fingers or a soft washcloth. Proceed gently – dry thoroughly.
  • After going to the bathroom: “Front to the back” is your mantra. Best is to wipe separately when possible. This is so you don’t introduce bacteria from your rectum to your urethra and cause a urine infection.
  • After sex: PEE! This will flush out bacteria that may have been introduced to the urethra Rejucream during the fun and play. You can also wash the vulva with a little water just to freshen up. (Scrubbing not required.)


Make sure that whichever method you use, that you pay close attention to hygiene and after care. Here is our blog dedicated entirely to grooming.


Listen to your vulva, when she is talking to you! Look, smell, and feel to ensure you are in the “pink” of health down there. Here are things to watch out for.


establishing an intimate care routine to look after your vagina

Additional Care:

There are times your vulvar skin may need some extra TLC and moisture. Ideally dietary supplements that can help, including:

  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Multivitamins
  • Collagen Protein

From the outside…Rejucream has you covered with

  • Peptides
  • Probiotics
  • Miracle berry stem cell extract
  • Firming Tripeptide
  • Revitalizing Red Algae

You can learn more about our ingredients here.

Things to avoid


Incorporate into your routine:

  • See your Ob/Gyn: Finding the right one can be difficult but we have a formula for this: read our blog: Ob/Gyn 101.
  • Be undie savvy: Yes, we all love our pretty or kinky undies, but for long wear, make sure you wear cotton underwear. Synthetic material increases the risk of infections. No second day wear please! It’s better to go commando. Wash new underwear before wearing them. Avoid pantyhose or panty girdles.
  • Tight and sexy clothing: Swap them out for the loose and baggy often. Here is the reason why: The skinny on skinny jeans.
  • Post-workout vulva care pivotal: ...which is why we have an entire blog dedicated to it! Vulva care after exercise – Things to know!
  • Pay attention to your laundry: If you are irritated down there it is possible that your laundry detergent or dryer sheets are the cause. You may need to run a separate load.
  • Sex: Just like wiping from front to back... Going from anal to vaginal exposes you to a lot of bacteria. So, either change the condom, clean off, or use the front to back flow.
  • Use Lube: Even if you don’t suffer from vaginal dryness, think “Wetter the Better”. Yes, its great for sex by increasing the pleasure quotient, but also eliminates discomfort and micro-tears because of friction.
  • These toys are not for sharing: Make sure your personal toys are non-porous and do not harbour bacteria. Follow the correct cleaning procedure and please don’t share.
  • Don’t forget to use protection: You are more susceptible to STI than he is! It’s always good to know your STI status!
  • Menstrual Hygiene: Clean hands, frequent changes of pads, tampons, and washing menstrual cups between uses are essential. Read our blog on sustainable and safe options.
  • Exercise: Do your Kegels and exercises that focus on building vaginal and pelvic floor strength.


While vaginal care procedures like: vajacials, vaginal steaming, and vaginal weight-training have gained popularity for that extra oomph when caring for your vulva, such elaborate measures are nice but not necessary.

Practice self-acceptance – you are beautiful!

Your vulva is an important and beautiful part of your body. Self-care goes hand in hand with self-acceptance, and no matter how your vulva looks, all vulva’s are unique and therein lies the beauty.

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