Frequently Asked Questions

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Your vaginal area is the most intimate part of your body and, as such, it deserves special care and attention. That’s why REJUCREAM created the ultimate line of feminine skincare products to help your vulva feel its best.

Answered by Dermatologist, Dr. Lederman

Even if you are not menopausal, your daily habits of washing, wearing synthetic clothes and the hormonal changes through your cycle can affect your intimate well-being like feeling of dryness, tingling or discomfort.

As a daily moisturizer, Rejuvenate, can help bring nourishing, softening, rejuvenating and protecting benefits to your vulva.

Yes, absolutely! Even if you have no vaginal health concerns, REJUCREAM can still soothe and protect your vulva, preventing future issues or discomfort.

Answered by Dermatologist, Dr. Lederman

It’s all about the skin’s pH balance. The skin pH is typically below 5, whereas a healthy vaginal pH is acidic and ranges somewhere between 3.5 to 4.5. A vaginal pH imbalance will lead to bacterial vaginal infections.

No, they will not. All REJUCREAM products are specifically formulated to respect the vagina’s naturally occurring pH balance in accordance with gynecological recommendations.

Yes, absolutely! Our creams are suitable for healthy women of all ages, both with and without pubic hair.

All REJUCREAM products are intended for external use only. If you do accidentally get product inside your vagina, gently remove as much product as possible and wash your vagina thoroughly with water. If you experience any irritation or discomfort, seek advice from your healthcare professional right away.

Yes, absolutely! As REJUCREAM products are intended for external use only, there’s no reason you can’t use them during your menstrual cycle.

If you do use REJUCREAM products before oral sex or intercourse, we recommend waiting until the product is dry and fully absorbed into your skin.

Yes, absolutely! REJUVENATE Intimate Revitalizing Cream is particularly beneficial if you suffer from dryness, one of the main side effects of menopause or perimenopause. REJUVENATE Intimate Revitalizing Cream’s moisturizing and protective properties provide everything your intimate area needs for daily care.